What kind of Solutions for the upcoming Deepfake video problem might be effective?


Sway public opinion to give power to somebody and take power away from somebody else (e.g. sway an election)


1. Create multiple fake videos of a prominent person saying things or doing things they didn’t do.

2. Post them to social media through various channels, and provide a nice clickbait catalyst

3. Use many different videos and many different channels (e.g. fake accounts, unsuspecting friends).

4. If you’re really good and have the resources (and we already know some entities do), flood the Internet with so many fakes nobody knows what is real.

5. Augment or bundle with fake news

A. They are directly affected personally (i.e. they have an incentive to do a good job and ensure results)


B. They are wise (i.e. have relevant experience)


C. They have the resources to stop or prevent problems


D. They have the resources to monitor #3 and make adjustments


E. Whoever is in charge is aware of the problems and strongly supports the program

a. Videos would have a digital signature tracing their source

b. That source would need a certificate from an authorized entity (e.g. a Certificate Authority today issues certificates to websites to ensure identity authenticity over https, something people do every day with web browsers).

c. Videos from well-known trusted sources would be prominently displayed (e.g. with a green border and a logo, and those from unknown sources would have a flashing red border with no logo).

a. You would need to prove the impact to Congress (e.g. after a hacked election) to get the ball rolling

b. It took us about a decade to get the FDA to start taking the security of medical devices more seriously, and this only happened after devices like Pacemakers were hacked in a lab. And they are just getting started, it will probably take another 5–10 years before reasonable security is widespread. Does Congress really take this seriously? Can we afford to wait five or ten+ years?

c. Who’s going to pay for all this?

d. The problem from above — Congress is (A) not directly affected personally, and (B) not wise. (Well actually perhaps they are wise if you consider that their objective is simply to get re-elected and the easiest way to do that is simply do what the donors and lobbyists want).

a. And who’s going to do that, and do it well? The very thought of it, makes me want to pour a glass of whiskey…in the morning before my breakfast.




San Francisco queen.Check out my new book “Girl Shock!, I Dressed as a girl for Halloween and then She Tool Over my Life”. https://www.mariakonner.com/new-book

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Maria Konner

Maria Konner

San Francisco queen.Check out my new book “Girl Shock!, I Dressed as a girl for Halloween and then She Tool Over my Life”. https://www.mariakonner.com/new-book

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